Goodbye to you, Man Cave

A sage person once said that every man has a cave, My dear GM certainly did when we met. The Man Cave Before… I didn’t realise it then, but there is a substantial part of the interweb dedicated to such man caves.  How to make them and what do they say about your relationship..? I’m […]

Greeding. Teething.

Miiiiineeee…. I don’t usually support giveaways with links, but these slippers were so cute I’m preeeety much willing to sell my soul for them. Also, I think one should always support minorities, such as blogging dads.  50k hits, well done him!  And a worthwhile read. So click on the photo and get in on the […]

The parenthood paradox

Happiness is a tricky to pin down as a concept. It depends so much on who’s measuring and why. It used to be rounding an end-game boss in World of Warcraft. Late nights… Not what they used to be. Now, it’s sleeping for more than 2.5 hours without anyone attempting at biting your nipple off. […]