BLW three months on

“What, all gone?  Well, how do I lookin ths dirty washcloth semi-niqab?”. I think we’re dropping a feed, people!  Today, Bolle went from 1000 when I force fed her so I could have a longer nap, to 1600 with no milk. She didn’t even ask for any and had a massive cottage pie lunch (at […]

TFI Friday

Another week over, just like that.  It’s been pretty nuts.   I’ve been trying to wind up a research project I’ve been involved with for the past few months, at the same time as planning my thesis which is due in April ARRRGHHHHHHHH…  And I should be well underway by now but I’m not.   That, on […]

Time to rethink the pink? Again..

I want to be Paris Hiltonand have my own fashion blog Christmas is drawing near.  Catalogues with pink, fluffy thingies for girls are dropping into my mailbox, which as of yet is lacking the “no ads, please” sticker. What to buy for my little girl?  A pink DS, perhaps, or a pink compact camera?  Fortunately, […]

Don’t look now

Bolle and I woke this morning to find an eerie fog having descended on the garden. Move over, Nicholas Roeg.  And any horror fan knows that fog signifies Scary Stuff of some sort.   Hm, maybe I should go out and buy Bolle a red coat to really freak the neighbours out.