The Manduca carrier :: Baby stuff we actually needed, Part 1

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I’m saying that this baby carrier has been a lifesaver. Edit:  So much so I’ve written a second post about it!

On the days when I’ve been awake all night, my arms ache, my head threatens to implode and Bolle still demands constant attention, pop her in the Manduca and she calms down and is ready for new adventures.  As am I.

Approved by my physio and ergo therapist friends, it beats the uncomfy  Baby Bjørn we used to have by a mile.  Uncomfy for me, but I’m thinking that carrying your body weight by your crotch as the baby does is not that great either.  The Manduca spreads weight to parents and babys hips and thighs.

Other handy features of this carrier:

  • Adjustable sleep hood and panel to support head as baby inevitably nods off
  • Though once fitted you use only two clips to put on the carrier, it has a gazillion adjustable points
  • No more sweaty back (unless you do a back carry)
  • Front, hip and back carrying available
  • Suitable from newborn (has a newborn insert) to 20 kgs

Bolle loves it.  She will patiently come shopping or walking for hours and has spent a whole holiday in London in it, whereas if she was in her pram she would get wriggly immediately after her nap.

An hour in the Manduca before bed time means she falls asleep a lot faster, too.

I’m starting to forget what it was like to use a pram all the time.  Stairs, narrow doors and full buses no longer an issue.

The Manduca is also handy for people who think that wraps are a pain to tie each time.

We had an elastic wrap carrier, and I loved it until Bolle got so fat she started to sag no matter how tightly I tied it.  Also it got too hot to use in the summer.

After having used the Manduca for our daily walks since we bought it three months ago, my yoga teacher has commended me on my leg tone as well.  Bonus!

Oh, and the mitten clips.

These are sort of a Manduca accessory I’ve invented for myself.

As every carrying parent knows, windy days means wind gets in the side of your coat, unless you are wearing a massive one that fits around you and the baby.  I like slim fits, so I don’t have any of those.

However, by clipping these onto the side of my coat, and then onto the Manduca, Bolles limbs and I stay warm on blustery days. Handy.

And, the designers are German I believe.  Which makes it like the Mercedes of carriers, right..?

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