BLW 6 months on

God, this is the boringest post ever. But really, you should see her eat.  It can’t really be explained, it’s just entirely beguiling to watch someone so cute enjoy something so simple so much. I can’t believe it’s been six months, and she’s still on five feeds between 1800 and 0600 (yes, really, I can’t […]

BLW three months on

“What, all gone?  Well, how do I lookin ths dirty washcloth semi-niqab?”. I think we’re dropping a feed, people!  Today, Bolle went from 1000 when I force fed her so I could have a longer nap, to 1600 with no milk. She didn’t even ask for any and had a massive cottage pie lunch (at […]

BLW two months on

Bolle is now seven months and a bit, and we’ve been giving her food for almost two months. I know, I’m a bad mother for giving her crusts and carrots to play with before her magical 26 week limit.  She even swallowed something from the very start. I work two days a week, and today, […]

Weaning.. sob

I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s meaaaat! Bolle has now passed that “magic” 6-month limit, and I can start feeding her in public without breast feeding nazis staring me dead for being a horrible mum. Now, instead, they can stare at me for attempting to kill my daughter by not giving […]