Whatever works for me? Oh really..?

As I have supposedly started working on my thesis, I spent most of yesterday evening reading. This process was complicated by spending most of the rest of the day painting, which left me somewhat high and dizzy from solvent inhalation.  Hence the digression. What I was trying to say was that I was reading about […]

BLW two months on

Bolle is now seven months and a bit, and we’ve been giving her food for almost two months. I know, I’m a bad mother for giving her crusts and carrots to play with before her magical 26 week limit.  She even swallowed something from the very start. I work two days a week, and today, […]

Greeding. Teething.

Miiiiineeee…. I don’t usually support giveaways with links, but these slippers were so cute I’m preeeety much willing to sell my soul for them. Also, I think one should always support minorities, such as blogging dads.  50k hits, well done him!  And a worthwhile read. So click on the photo and get in on the […]