Takk og takk!

Datter leker fly i stua!  Alternativ tittel “Pappa trener styrke med ustabile vekter” Jeg har utrolig flaks altså!  Den siste tiden har jeg vunnet hele to blogg-giveaways, og jeg som ikke egentlig er en særlig aktiv blogger engang! Den første tingen jeg vant var et plagg fra Meandi, gjennom Pia sin meget morsomme blogg.  Vi […]

TFI Friday

Another week over, just like that.  It’s been pretty nuts.   I’ve been trying to wind up a research project I’ve been involved with for the past few months, at the same time as planning my thesis which is due in April ARRRGHHHHHHHH…  And I should be well underway by now but I’m not.   That, on […]

Greeding. Teething.

Miiiiineeee…. I don’t usually support giveaways with links, but these slippers were so cute I’m preeeety much willing to sell my soul for them. Also, I think one should always support minorities, such as blogging dads.  50k hits, well done him!  And a worthwhile read. So click on the photo and get in on the […]