Of bridges and virgins

Once you’ve crossed it, that’s it..? I’ve had, let’s see, three live-in partners predating the man I’m now married to.  I never intended to “save myself” (what a ludicrous notion) until I met “the one”, as I never truly believed there was a “one”. I’ve never regretted not being a virgin at marriage, and based […]

TFI Friday

Another week over, just like that.  It’s been pretty nuts.   I’ve been trying to wind up a research project I’ve been involved with for the past few months, at the same time as planning my thesis which is due in April ARRRGHHHHHHHH…  And I should be well underway by now but I’m not.   That, on […]

The parenthood paradox

Happiness is a tricky to pin down as a concept. It depends so much on who’s measuring and why. It used to be rounding an end-game boss in World of Warcraft. Late nights… Not what they used to be. Now, it’s sleeping for more than 2.5 hours without anyone attempting at biting your nipple off. […]

Autumnal times

Just as you think summer has finally slipped away without even really being there (sort of like a bar of chocolate during the adverts in the cinema), it actually arrives.  At the very beginning of October we were blessed with a few days of actual nice weather.I mean like, 20 degrees, t-shirt only and no […]

Weaning.. sob

I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s meaaaat! Bolle has now passed that “magic” 6-month limit, and I can start feeding her in public without breast feeding nazis staring me dead for being a horrible mum. Now, instead, they can stare at me for attempting to kill my daughter by not giving […]