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Blogger turns woe to mirth

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the luckiest of them all..?

Omg. Blogger just ate my post of blogger mirth.  The Alanis Morisette irony of life.

Anyhoo, the story went as such. 

I was gutted when I found out that Mortimer the Lamaze Moose had disappeared from the Libero club gift store.

I had been scrimping and saving for him since Bolle took a particular liking to his cousin the bee about ten days after she was born, and the love still lasts, amazingly.

«Please, free me from my plastic prison»

As I was surfing random blogs to soothe the pain at the discovery of him being sold out, I came across the blog of Hildegirl, who lamented being in the same predicament.

I left a comisserating comment.

A few days later, Hildemor left me a comment on this blog, with the happy news that she had contacted Libero to complain about their lack of Moose. Meese.  Whatever. 

It transpired that Libero had in fact a whole box of Mortimers hanging about in their office, for times of crisis such as these.

Hildemor’s moose-less days soon came to an end.  Perhaps I too could attempt that route, she suggested.

Able to breathe outside his amniotic sac.

I rushed to the Libero site, only delayed by it inexplicably being offline for several days.

And lo and behold, received an email a few days later, stating that our very own Mortimer was in the mail.

And so, this turns from a tale of woe into one of mirth (thank you, Scaryduck).

Had it not been for blogging, and for Hildegirl more specifically, there would still be a Mortimer shaped hole in my life.

First flight in our naturally Christmas decorated green living room. 
Any ideas for permanent decoration received with thanx via Pintrest..

Thank you, blogosphere.  And Hildegirl :oD

An instant hit!  May it last for another eight months.