Hopp til innholdet

BLW 6 months on

God, this is the boringest post ever. But really, you should see her eat.  It can’t really be explained, it’s just entirely beguiling to watch someone so cute enjoy something so simple so much.

I can’t believe it’s been six months, and she’s still on five feeds between 1800 and 0600 (yes, really, I can’t believe it when I see it in writing either).  I’m pushing it to four, but she’s not happy about it.

However.  I think it’s been worth it and still is.  BLW has been fantastic.  Click away now as the rest of this post mainly consists of bragging about what a great parent I am, and what a lovely daughter I have.

Last weekend, we went to London, and she really is so easy to have along.  She will help herself to anything that’s put in front of her, although I don’t think she’ll be having wasabi peas again anytime soon.

She eats happily, heartily, she enjoys her food and loves mealtimes.  When she knows it’s dinnertime, she starts climbing her tripp trapp.

She can eat with a spoon (although usually still wants me to fill it for her as she is a bit lazy), she can devour a chicken drumstick in about 30 sec. and she drinks water beautifully from an open cup.

I look at other kids her age, and I have noticed many of them still can’t chew!  They still do the whole tongue pushing weirdo thing that really young kids do when food is placed in their mouths.

When I see people placing things in the mouth of their kid who’s over a year, I just think it’s plain weird.  Looking at my daughter, I know most kids would be able to do the same thing given the chance.

I was told that after about 9 months when they start crawling, cafe days are over.  Not so.  Bolle loves it, as long as she gets food, obviously. But it really is the case that BLW babies seem to entertain themselves at the table for longer, so an adult can actually finish their meal as well.

I guess weaning is not over yet, considering the 5 feeds at night, but really, I feel as if our work is almost done here.

Bolle eats usually:

Breakfast:  Bowl of oatmeal-millet-fruit porridge.
Lunch 1:  Cheese sandwich or two.  She likes camenbert, jarlsberg or norvegia and cheddar.. mummy no like blue cheese so none of that, thanks.
Lunch 2:  Leftover dinner.
A fruit snack: Puree fruit pouch or actual fruit. 
Dinner: Erm.. Dinner.  Favourites are any kind of fish, mashed or roast root veg, macaroni, beans, peas, sweetcorn, chicken drumsticks or wings, cauliflower korma, tofu, red thai curry and quiche.
Dessert is plain yoghurt, sometimes with fruit, or just fruit on its own.  If we have cake, she is of course allowd cake.. but she prefers yoghurt.  Or cheese.  She would live off of cheese if possible, I think.

I’m trying to push in an extra meal at the end of the day, but she is usually knackered by 1800 so she just has milk before going to sleep.  Then again at 2145, 0130, 0430 and maybe once more at some point before she gets out of bed at 0700-0730.

Night feeds.  Must. End. Soon.

Watch this space.

Proud parent rant over.