Hopp til innholdet

Caring and sharing :: Mothercare, Oxford Street, London

Not even a rolling Bolle could cross that fence.

After having explored the depths of Medieval London the day before, we decided it was time to try somewhere from whence one might reasonably expect good baby service, changing room wise.

Oxford Street is, as we all know, home to all the biggest fuck-off branches of the biggest fuck-off high street chain stores, and Mothercare is no exception to this. Their branch is wedged in conveniently near M&S (for all your nursing bra and underwear twice your normal siz post birth needs) and Clarks (for all your sore parental feet needs) at the Marble Arch end.

The shop itself is nothing exceptional. In fact, the supermarket size Mothercare in Reading is way more impressive than the Oxford Street one, which is divided across two floors and hence seems smaller.

Mothercare do the usual gendered and somewhat overpriced baby gear, although I will give them that their bodysuits generally have quite a wide fit, which is nice for the rather chubby Bolle (yes, that is aimed squarely at you, makers of Petit Bateau. WTF is with the sizing?!).

However, by London standards, the nursing room is really quite good. It has two changing stations, with one aimed at people of regular height (me) and one aimed at taller people. Might I, despite the shop’s somewhat discriminating name, that this one might have been designed with dads in mind?

The changing tables themselves are cushioned, clean and positioned on top of a bench, right next to a built-in sink, which means no fiddling with complicated flipping mechanisms. They have sturdy rails to prevent rolling, and the bin is within reach so you can throw away dripping diapers with one hand, while restraining your baby with the other. There is no belt, but this shouldn’t strictly be necessary as there is no need to turn away from the baby. Still, good to keep a hand on there at all times.

Of course they are advertising their offered
«have a baby now, pay later» credit account
feature, but you nurse with your back
facing it, so I let that one slide.

In addition, there are actually relatively comfy seats for nursing, next to which is a surface on which to put feeding paraphernalia. There is even a green button which I’m assuming you can press in a breast feeding emergency (boob squirting all over baby’s new outfit, that kind of thing) and a paper dispenser.

Changing facilities: Very good. Could only really be improved by free diapers.

Breast feeding facilities: Very good. Comfy, clean and with a table.

Parent peeing facilities:  None. Though with the two tables in there, you probably wouldn’t want to.

Best feature: The double changing capacity encourages socialising, so I now know all about breast feeding in Brazil from talking to another mum in there.

Worst feature: No disposable sheets for the changing table, had to use hand towels.

Would I use again?  Yes.  Especially during the sales.. hehe.

Bolle says: «I had no idea most Brazilian mums breastfed their babies.»

Bolle wears: Hat from Maximo, body suit and socks from Lindex, trousers borrowed.