Hopp til innholdet

A gem of a nursing room :: Magasin Blaa, Stavanger

Ammetysten is located on the third floor of Magasin Blaa, Stavanger’s possibly poshest shopping mall.  The view, oh the view.. take a moment to savour it before reading on below the photo.

A room of one’s own.. with a view!

It could be a well-guarded secret, which I can’t really imagine given the number of yummy mummies who spend their lunching lady days there buying Burberry outfits for their little ones.

I think it is more likely that this mall in fact invests in their cleaning personell and make sure the room is always clean and tidy.

Calling Ammetysten a baby changing room is a serious misuse of the term. Even «nursing room» feels a bit feeble.

In truth, it is nothing less than a quiet and warm haven for those with a nappy toting toddler or baby. 

The name of the room (how many changing rooms have a name?  Posh hotel suites have names.  Case rested) is a triple pun on the gem plus the Norwegian word for breastfeeding (amme) and the local word for thirsty (tyste).  Genius if you ask me.

The changing table itself is rather posh, with a plush mat on top which is rolled up at the edges, making it comfy, if not exactly safe.  There is no strap.

The walls are adorned with inspirational quotes, there is a sink for washing hands etc., and even a small chair which I guess is intended for toddlers to sit and wait on (yeah right..) or stand on if they need to wash their hands. 

However, what makes this room stand out is the view.  Located at the corner of the building, it has two huge window walls overlooking the harbor and Stavanger’s oil museum (which might still be the only one in the world!).

Being in the room is almost like breastfeeding outdoors, except it’s actually pretty toasty in there.  The chair, too, is very comfy, although the design hints at bachelor pad rather than minimalist interior design blogger.

I wouldn’t mind having this room in my own home.  Wonder if fiancee will object to a few walls being replaced by glass and the house being moved to the harbor..?

Pretty much good enough to have a baby for.  One of the best in town, if not the best..

Changing facilities:Very good. Could only really be improved by free diapers.

Breast feeding facilities: Very good. Comfy and clean, with a view.  However, no microwave for formula babies and parents.

Bolle kicks her socks off in the lap of luxury.

Parent peeing facilities:  None.

Best feature: The view is pretty breathtaking, especially on the two days a year when it’s sunny in Stavanger.

Worst feature: No disposable sheets or straps at the changing table.  And to be honest, it is a tad hot if you’re fully dressed.

Would I use again?   Move over, yummy mummies, I will be back with my hand-me-down clad baby.

Bolle says: «I want that Burberry top at only NOK689.  What do you mean that would be totally ridiculous?!»

Bolle wears: Random animal ears hat from Lindex, wool coat and socks from Sparkjøp, trousers borrowed.