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50 reasons I love my boyfriend :: What’s not to love

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51 Reasons I Love My Boyfriend,
in no particular order

  1. He allows me to drive his car, and never complains when I complain about said car (which will only go into the 1st gear if I use both hands, making it a bit of a roundabout hazard on wheels).
  2. He smells really nice at all times.
  3. My lovely, wearing the Bolle
  4. He proposed within two weeks of us getting together, despite being a man who likes, nay, loves, to put off the carrying out of important things.  
  5. He has cut down on salt in the food he cooks for my sake.
  6. He hides the sweets and crisps he brings into the house because I told him to do that so I won’t eat them all, then produces them with a flourish if I want some.
  7. He gets up at 0600 in the morninng with Bolle, even though he hates mornings.
  8. The way he talks a lot when he gets a bit nervous.
  9. He attempts to be cheery with Bolle in the morning, even though he hates mornings.
  10. He says «I love you» at least 10 times a day.
  11. He reads enormous fantasy fiction books, which makes me think he has the ability to imagine the impossible.  Which means he can pretty much do it too, most likely.  I think he can probably do magic, come to think of it.
  12. He is ridiculously good in bed.
  13. He is one of the most loyal people I know.
  14. When I go to work, he attempts to have dinner ready when I come home, despite Bolle gnawing on his calf while he’s cooking.  She has very pointy teeth.
  15. He tells me I look gorgeous on a daily basis.
  16. When I found out I was pregnant three weeks after we met, he took it in his stride and appeared calm and very happy, although observers say he was very, very pale for the whole duration of his next shift at work.
  17. He is patient.
  18. He sleeps with his arms thrown over his head, just like Bolle or a puppy dog.
  19. When Bolle was born, he was such good support that it was mentioned especially on that little card stuck to Bolle’s hospital cot.
  20. The fact that he has allowed me to get to know him, against his default instincts I suspect.
  21. He actually likes teaching.
  22. When we play WoW, he’s a very patient tank.
  23. He also drove me all round Azeroth in his Mechano-Hog to visit the Elders, which took like a whole day, just so I could get an achievement.
  24. He is really, really hot in a suit.  Or a structured coat.  Or in his underwear.  Or just at all times, really.
  25. He bakes lovely cakes.
  26. The fact that he is not ashamed of having been to a Bryan Adams concert.

  28. He grew his hair and trimmed his beard for my sake.
  29. He is a great kisser.
  30. Whenever I’m annoyed about someone or something being stupid, he says «I’m on your side, honey.»
  31. Whenever I say something he thinks is a bit silly, but not worth arguing over, he says «Yes, honey.»
  32. His feet are not gross like most men’s feet.
  33. He likes to try new foods and makes an effort to appreciate them.
  34. When we go for walks, he carries Bolle although I’m the one who most prefers her being carried rather than pushed.
  35. He wears the clothes I buy for him, regardless of whether he actually likes them or not.
  36. He thinks Teletext is a worthy source of news, which I find comforting as I always used to feel that writing for Teletext was a futile effort.
  37. He gets on with my dad.
  38. He is an amazing dad.
  39. He can sit in silence for ages.
  40. When he fell down a ladder and smashed both hands, he called me very calmly to ask «whether I thought I could maybe come home soonish as he might need a ride to the emergency room».
  41. He allowed me to move into his home and chuck out all the stuff left there by his ex.
  42. He eats whatever I cook and tells me I’m great at making food.
  43. When something is really important to him, he refuses to budge.
  44. He never complains.
  45. He turns off the lights and lights candles in the kitchen after Bolle goes to sleep at night, because I don’t like brightness in the evening.
  46. His hands feel the best when he holds me or touches me.
  47. He is grateful for what he has in life and also never takes me for granted.
  48. He cried when he first saw Bolle on a scan, even though she was an 8 week old embryo and the size of a kidney bean.
  49. He is tall, blonde and handsome.
  50. He really listens when I talk and gives considered feedback, and really makes me feel like I’m the most amazing girlfriend ever to walk this earth.
  51. He pretends for the sake of argument he was a virgin when we met.
  52. He is not afraid of looking ahead.

  54. He is the bestest.  Yes, really.
New mothers are always waxing lyrical about their babies.  That’s easy.  Bolle has the nicest smell, the smoothest skin and the cutest rolls of fat around her little wrists, of any baby I have ever met.  Of course she does.  And I’ve met more than I would have liked to, as I’m not particularly keen on babies.
However, those same mothers are forever lamenting their partners.  They don’t shoulder their responsibilities in the house, they snore, they go out and come back smelling of beer and then spend all day on the sofa complaining about sleep deprivation and headaches (to a new mother.. very clever, dads).

 I’m not sure why this is, though.  In most cases, we voluntarily select the man whose genes we allow to be carried forth in this harsh world.  Do you forget the reasons why so easily?  Even if you fall out later, there will always be reasons why you chose this man in the first place.

This is why I feel so lucky, and look away now, sensitive readers, to avoid feeling ill, that I am still rather madly in love with Bolle’s daddy.  She was made about 3 weeks after we met (irl, not ingame, I hasten to add), so I’ve not really had the chance to get annoyed with him yet.

For when I do, here’s a post to look back upon, even in years from now on a day when I’m at my last tether because he’s (YET AGAIN) done that thing that’s been driving me up the wall for the last decade or two.  Maybe I’m especially lucky.  No, strike that, I am especially lucky.

But ladies, don’t forget there is a reason you thought a mini version of that guy was a good idea.

Even when he «has to run a really important errand» just as the baby pukes all over your new outfit five minutes before you are due to leave for work.