Hopp til innholdet

Autumnal times

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Just as you think summer has finally slipped away without even really being there (sort of like a bar of chocolate during the adverts in the cinema), it actually arrives. 

At the very beginning of October we were blessed with a few days of actual nice weather.
I mean like, 20 degrees, t-shirt only and no socks outdoors weather.  It was divine.

Even as the temperatures dropped again, Bolle and I ventured out anew, this time all dressed up in furry hats and wooly scarves and determined to make the most of the sun, as there is no telling when it will next be about in these parts.

Stavanger, reflected in daddy’s sunglasses, which for once he had occasion to wear
I wonder if jelly fish get like wasps when they know they will soon die, a bit confused and likely to sting anyone coming too close.
I saw someone hanging out on this wall one day, and the next day this fish blob had appeared. 
I’m guessing it was part of the Nuart festival
In fact, we are recommended by The Guardian as a great city for street art :o) 
Last smoothie of this summer from Deli
Because there is no denying it, winter is fast approaching.
IMAG0608 by scotrail
When the weather is not so good, we have to entertain ourselves
by photographically answering existensial questions such as
«how are the those small brown food recycling containers made»?