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Greeding. Teething.

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I don’t usually support giveaways with links, but these slippers were so cute I’m preeeety much willing to sell my soul for them.

Also, I think one should always support minorities, such as blogging dads.  50k hits, well done him!  And a worthwhile read.

So click on the photo and get in on the action!

Or don’t, which would give me a greater chance of winning.  Actually I’d prefer that..

Poor Bolle is I think teething.  She popped two teeth almost two months ago, and the signs are similar this time.

She’s demanding to be carried at all times.  Startling awake and rubbing her mouth all night long.  Weird poos (I assume only parents will bother reading this, as I’ve vowed never to describe baby poo or birth to non-parents).  Biting rather hard at anything that enters the vicinity of her oral area.  Quite tiring for us and probably for her.  May said teeth surface soon, please.

On the topic and in line with yesterday’s «stuff babies «need», supposedly», post, I came across a miracle remedy for teething.  No, it’s not Dentinox, the use of which is currently discouraged for side effect reasons.  Nor Calpol.  Oh I wish I could give her Calpol without feeling bad.  They probably don’t even sell it in Norway.

If you are unconvinced by my scepticism or simply
desperate, you can get these lovely beads from here… 
Please let me know how you get on.

No,  it’s a natural remedy.  Amber.  Amber teething necklaces heal your child!  I have to say, my inner sceptic is screaming out a very resounding noooooooh!!!!  at the very idea.

What you basically do is put a string of amber beads around the baby’s neck, and succinic acid from the amber magically, or perhaps by osmosis, enters your baby and soothes their pain.

I would love to go into a long and well-referenced rant about the unfounded and unscientific wrongness of this (it’s up there with homeopathy in the race for Best Placebo Effect if you ask me).

Fortunately the job has been done by other parent bloggers before me, for instance here and here.  Read comments for extra entertainment value. 

I can see the temptation.  Your child is crying, she won’t stop, you think either she will need to receive some sort of efficient painkiller or you will soon need antipsychotic medication, which, as we know, has unpleasant extrapyramidal side effects.

What’s a natural remedy?  We won’t want evil, yet thoroughly documented, paracetamol.  No, let’s try some beads.

I understand the messed up logic behind it.  And even one night with Bolle totally killed her dad this weekend.  Another week of this and we’ll both be pretty wiped.

But surely the world must have something better to offer than… beads..?  Or is this really that sort of situation where a placebo effect is better than no effect?

I am willing to resort to plastic beads.  Their analgesic effect is released through chewing, I’ve been told.