Hopp til innholdet

BLW three months on

«What, all gone?  Well, how do I look
in ths dirty washcloth semi-niqab?»

I think we’re dropping a feed, people!  Today, Bolle went from 1000 when I force fed her so I could have a longer nap, to 1600 with no milk.

She didn’t even ask for any and had a massive cottage pie lunch (at least I think it was massive, though hard to say how much landed on the Stokke and how much in her belly). 

Of course, one could hope she would drop the night time feed instead.

But that would just be ridiculous, after all Christmas is still far off and I’ve not been that nice this year.  If anything, she’s feeding more at night than previously.. sigh.

So all is well in BLW land.  Last week we had a near-chokin-maybe incident, she drank some water too fast, which she likes to do for her own entertainment, and got some leftover food too far back in her mouth.

Daddy picked her up from her chair ready to upturn her and everything, but by then she had already coughed up the offending piece of chicken.

Probably scarier for us, and she seemed none the worse for wear and kept eating. 

To celebrate this 3-month mark (I cannot believe she’s already 8.5 months old) I decided to share my fave BLW recipes this week, so prepare for a boring blog week if totally disinterested in food..  But if you are, you are a weirdo.

Just to prove I can write proper stuff, I have to brag a bit and advertise the feature I wrote for my previous employer, here.  So I can still meet a tight deadline!  Phew!  Now for that thesis..  but first, a recipe!

Blueberry porridge pancakes
I find this a good way to use up expressed milk slightly too old for Bolle to accept in her bottle.  Otherwise, I use oat milk.  Naturally it can be done with all kinds of fruit, but blueberries are current fave round here.

The pancake should come out a bit sticky on top and bubbly, and will set in a few minutes.  If it becomes shoe sole solid, add more liquid next time or reduce the microwave time.  Reducing it too much, though, means the millet doesn’t cook properly which is not as fun. 

If it becomes too runny, reduce liquid or stick blobs on a spoon for self-feeding practise.

1 heaped tbsp. millet flakes
2 heaped tbsp. large oats, ground up a bit with a mortar and pestle
1 heaped tbsp. frozen blueberries
Baby’s usual milk to cover and then a bit

Stir, microwave uncovered in a flat-bottomed bowl for about 1 min 50 sec on max (might vary depending on your oven).  Leave to cool and set.  Peel off bits to hand baby, or let them have at it.  Warning:  If letting them have at it, best served to a bare chested baby..

Bon apetit and even bon-er cleaning up afterwards!