Hopp til innholdet

Children’s library, Sølvberget :: Stavanger’s best kept secret

I remember when she was so little
she only came half way down this table.. sniff.

That is in fact a direct quote from library staff.  They were talking about the changing room, not the actual library itself, as being the secret.

Not sure if describing it as such is a conscious marketing ploy to draw in parents or not. 

It is true, though, that they hide a very well-kept and peaceful changing facility among their bookshelves.

The Stavanger library, though, provides a comfy haven for the new parent.  Play mats on the floor, nice and warm, not very heavily populated most of the time.

Lots of safe items called «books» for the baby to eat while you enjoy a quick browse of brainless parenting magazines.

Best of all, it is open on weekends, when it’s generally raining and nobody knows what to do with themselves.   However, it tends to be busy at that time, with older kids milling around and frequently shouting.  Those pesky Norwegian kids, etc.

At the back of the library, its door next to the youth section, is a changing room.

The key is attached to this gianormous dog tag in case you have
parent-brains from sleep deprivation.

A standard disabled toilet double room job, there is nothing exceptional about the facilities themselves, apart from the fact that it is always quiet and clean, and almost never busy.

Which are in fact exceptional features, as every nappy changing parent knows.

So if you find yourself in the baby cinema downstairs  with a full diaper on your hands, look no further than the 3rd floor of the building for your changing facilities.

Much cleaner and nicer than McDonalds across the street, which I believe is the nearest alternative.

Oh, and don’t forget that in addition to rom-coms for you and baby every Wednesday, the building does very good book talks for babies, introducing books suitable from 0-2 years of age, one Thursday per month.

Clip art happy babies *and* catering to international parents.  Yay.

Bonus feature: Four Films I’ve seen in the baby cinema…

Friends with benefits – Pretty people, pretty story.  Better than feared.  Go Cyrus and Timberlake!

Leave it to Beaver – Mel Gibson as mad person with Beaver.  Unmissable.

Bridesmaids – It could have gone so well, it ended with such a cop-out.  Shame.  Made GM cringe.

Some Norwegian Film I Don’t Remember – Note to self..  never, ever, see non-subbed films in a room full of screaming babies.

This changing room is literally a nice-ish experience.

Changing facilities: Good.  This Robust changing table retails at  over NOK 4K and you might recognise it from the hospital hotel where you stayed after delivering the baby whose nappy you are now admiring.  It has a padded cushion and everything.

Ok, so maybe this is in fact more
for resting bags on than for bf-ing..

Breast feeding facilities: A rather frugal seat.  However, the library itself is great for breastfeeding with comfy seats scattered around, and staff will happily provide you with mummy mags to read while doing so. 

Parent peeing facilities: Yep, it’s the usual HC/DC job.

Best feature: They actually provide the bags they ask you to put smelly nappies in, so the room almost always smells nice.  Also it’s hardly ever busy.

Worst feature: Not very glamorous.

Would I use again? Yes.

Key:  Yes.  Get it from the library staff.

Bolle says: «Read me that one with the cushiony cover.  Or, on second thoughts, I’d rather eat it.»

Bolle wears: Hoodie and jeans from H&M. Wool socks from Sparkjøp. Bodysuit from Mothercare.