Hopp til innholdet

Dolly Dimple’s, Forus :: «Diapers are better than pizza!» shocker

Tiny woman feeds mahossive baby

By that I mean to say that the changing facilities were better than the actual pizza.

Having moved house a week ago (I shall spare you from juicy descriptions of the joys of living with a baby while everyone’s stuff is in unmarked boxes), we had to go to Forus, the local warehouse hell, to buy a tumble drier.

I know they’re not very environmentally friendly, but I made up for it by buying it from a small, slightly smelly boy who probably spends most of his life painting Warhammer figurines, hence giving the purchase a social supportive slant.

The sniglar! It’s cheap, but cheerful!

However, as you can imagine, this trip out was a bit of a trauma for everyone, so we decided to treat ourselves by not having dinner in IKEA, but at Dolly Dimples.

Why I thought this was a good idea is beyond me, as I actually can’t stand their overloaded, greasy pizzas, but my blood sugar was running extremely low at the time.

I ordered their daily special, which turned out to be a thin layer of cheese on top of corn chips, with premade salsa and a half decent garlic dressing I couldn’t eat due to dairy issues.  Pwned.  We added an «Italian» pizza which was about as close to Italy as is the Venice in Las Vegas.

The only comfort was that we refused to be seated in the children’s area, which was an excellent move as that corner was overrun by Norwegian Children doing what they do best, i.e. running riot and screaming at the top of their voices.  I bend my head in shame.

OK, not totally tidy, but given
the behaviour of the kids
probably also using this room,
not too bad.

However, the changing room was a pleasant surprise.  Dolly’s obviously has a deal going with IKEA, located just across the road.  They had a sniglar changing table with inflatable mat, this time with no pee puddles, yay!

The paper dispenser dispensed extra long bits of paper to use as a cover for the changing mat for extra hygiene.

All in all, a good room.. unless you are a man.  As you can see from the sign, the place is for bottle feeding massive babies, and for mums only.

Pretty basic, but a quiet haven away from the rest of the place.

Changing facilities:  Good.

Paper long enough to put down
under baby!  Hurrah.

Breast feeding facilities: None.  The sign on the door is actually pretty misleading, unless you want to bottle feed standing up.

Parent peeing facilities:  The usual disabled toilet share.  But only for women disabled people.  The disabled men can, erm, go somewhere else.  Apparently.

Best feature: It’s not the rest of the restaurant.  The paper towels are a handy touch and even within reach of the table.

Worst feature: No feeding seats as implied by the door sign.

Would I use again?  The room, yes.  The restaurant, not if I can help it.
Bolle says: «I can’t even concentrate on my pizza crust in here.»

Bolle wears:  Wooly bodysuit and tights (just seen) from Sparkjøp, second-hand trousers.