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The Bravado Nursing Bra :: Baby stuff we actually needed, Part 3

Frozen breastmilk

If you are nursing, you will need and hunt for the perfect nursing bra.  This is the only nursing bra I’ve found which is supportive without underwiring, even for my E cup (up from a B so quite a shock to the system..).

Contrary to ads, it will however not make you flat-
stomached, blonde and extremely happy.

This bra is elastic enough to take massively full to empty boob size changes in its stride, and comfy enough to sleep in.

The real genius touch is the strap adjustment buckle, which sits in the front of the bra above the opening clasp, and not in the back.  This means you can easily adjust the straps all the time, without having to fiddle around on your back.

The bra also lacks that silly «boob frame» that most nursing bras have inside the flap, which I’ve generally found eats into your skin in a very uncomfy way.

I’ve got four, and I wear them on rotation.  Pricey, but can be picked up on eBay for about half the Norwegian retail price.  Worth every penny.

If you’re the shy kind, they have a pocket to hold little pads that hide your nipples.  A bit pointless, methinks, since you’ll be flashing your boob while feeding anyway, but there you go, it’s probably a US brand.

They actually also breathe really well, so are good for working out.

I’m not saying this is a sexy bra, but it’s no worse than a regular sports bra.  But I’ve gotten away with a single not very bad bout of mastitis, and I’m sure wearing this bra has helped.  My only regret is not getting them while I was still pregnant and my boobs were massively sore.

Edit 26.07.13 :: I am *still* wearing these, despite never feeding in the daytime anymore… any other bra seems uncomfy!  So beware of addiction.

Edit 01.02.19 :: I wore these till they fell apart! Please buy them from Ammehjelpen to support them! The Swiss Dots design is also very comfy.

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