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TFI Friday

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Another week over, just like that.  It’s been pretty nuts.  
I’ve been trying to wind up a research project I’ve been involved with for the past few months, at the same time as planning my thesis which is due in April ARRRGHHHHHHHH…  And I should be well underway by now but I’m not.  
That, on top of the house move, has left us all exhausted.  Bolle outlasted her dad by several hours this evening, crashing out at about 1830 (I just heard something stir upstairs, but difficult to say if he just turned over in his guest bed, which is still a bunch of slats on the floor under a mattress, the poor thing).  
Mum’s the only one left awake, because she knows that the Christmas gift photo album InDesign project also is a bit overdue to be ordered..  She found out yesterday that she screwed up the margins on about half of the 40-something pages she’s designed, and was correspondingly pissed off.
But good things happen!  I’ve not had the chance to direct
a million thanks to Steffen at Pappabloggen for the cute slippers he sent!  
Bolle is particularly facinated by the buttons, and spends most of her time trying to pull slipper no. 1 off her feet to taste this delicacy as I try to put on no. 2, but I’ve managed the following snaps.  As you can see, appreciation on all levels.
The moral of this story is, good things always happen (such as boyfriend just now falling into the living room looking very sleepy and adorable), and even the longest week has a Friday.  Have a nice weekend, everyone!
Pincer grip + Buttons = PWN