The Avent tubs :: Baby stuff we actually needed Part 2

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No, I loved the pumping.  I did it for fun.  Sob.

My loved one got tricked into buying these rather pricey (NOK189 for 10) plastic cups when he innocently went to buy some medicine measuring cups (NOK 20 for 5..) for feeding Bolle just after she was born.

At the time, I cursed the drug store, but now I love them.

Child-related uses, in addition to the intended milk storage, include as mini lunch box for Bolle when we go out, and as instant rattles by putting keys, other small objects or dried foods inside when in need of an emergency toy.  They can also be building blocks as they stack well but can still be tipped over.

I also use them as measuring cups for baking (no more rinsing out the previous ingredient, you just use several of them in a row) and for storing small portions of food in the fridge, such as egg yolks.

When closed properly they don’t leak, if you take the lid off a little they are microwaveable, and they go squeaky clean in the dishwasher.  Because both boxes and lids stack nicely, they take up hardly any storage space.

The only thing I wish I’d known, is that not all babies like frozen breast milk.  The only time Bolle has positively thrown up was when I tried to give her some defrosted milk which had been stored for a couple of months.  I can see why, the enzyme-mangled milk doesn’t smell particularly inviting.  So I ended up pouring at least two litres down the sink.

But the tubs, they’re great they are.

Edit: Since I wrote this, I realised I also use them as drinking cups when we’re out and Bolle needs something unbreakable. And to wash her hair with or as a bath toy. Which is not very hygienic, but she likes it! x