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Time to rethink the pink? Again..

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I want to be Paris Hilton
and have my own fashion blog

Christmas is drawing near.  Catalogues with pink, fluffy thingies for girls are dropping into my mailbox, which as of yet is lacking the «no ads, please» sticker. What to buy for my little girl?  A pink DS, perhaps, or a pink compact camera?  Fortunately, I am not required to look far to find a plethora of sparkly options.
As previously mentioned, the Bolls recently had to go shopping for a tumble drier.  In Norway, this means going to one in about three chain stores that have monopolised the household appliances market.  We chose to place our bid at Unnamed Massive Chain Store, mostly based on the personality of the salesperson.

I want to be someone who actually
needs a real PC that can do real stuff. 
Oh, and I also want to be my dad.

In the same store, the identity of which will be blatantly obvious to any Norwegian, but I’m just trying to be polite, I observed the advertising posters illustrating this piece of writing.  I mean, hell-ooh!

If I was a little girl, even a fluffy white hatted goody two-shoes like the one in the photo, and I was given a pink crappy CD player and pink compact, while my brother got a REAL PC and Fifa games, I would probably kill my parents.

Partly for being jealous due to them spending like twice as much on my brother, but also for being incredibly sexist.  Boys:  Like sports and pretending to do real adult work.  Girls:  Like taking photos for their fashion blog to the sound of the VG Top 20.

To be fair to Elkjøp Expert Unnamed Massive Chain Store, there was also a poster of a black CD player aimed at the boy attempting to look as if he’s 40.  Not sure what the second poster for girls was.

Still.  There shouldn’t really be separate posters!  It’s an electronics store!  How can there be gendered PCs and CD players?  It’s all gone Pete Tong.

Of course, dad wants a razor (I actually think that’s OK, like women wanting tampons) while mum wants a slightly fancier pink camera.

I really wanted to say something to the nice smelly manager who looked like a Warhammer fan, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to be That Lady.