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Thank you, Mrs. Longstocking! Blogger Mirth two days in a row..!

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And that’s not even the prettiest part…

A while ago, I won the giveaway of Steffen in Pappabloggen, and was sent a pair of very lovely home made slippers for Bolle (which were actually used today, she likes them!).

I then took one look at my lovely GM, remembering the old adage of lucky in game, unlucky in love.

Accordingly, I assumed Lady Luck had experienced a slight slip-up, which would not happen again anytime soon.

Then, one morning, I woke to find that I had won yet another giveaway!  This time with the eminent Mrs Longstocking.

And this afternoon, coming home rather battered from the weather and general December shopping tribulations*  GM fetched the mail and it included a very cute parcel from Mrs. Longstocking!

Now, excuse me while I go into mum-blogging layout mode for the revelation of the content.
The parcel was very pretty.  Almost too pretty to open.

It contained not only the soft, cuddly and expertly made mittens.  Which I am sure will get good use.  A photo in action will follow one day, I promise.

But also a nice Christmas card note, which will go on our card string.  When I make one.

And a bar of chocolate.  One can never have too much chocolate.

And an instant!  Which I *LOVE*.  They are the nearest I get to crack since I quit WoW (well, sort of quit, I still guest with GM’s account occasionally..)!!

And, I won!  Another instant to be picked up when I take Bolle for a walk on Monday.  Hurraaah!

I find that the mittens have come to their natural home.  As you may recall, we recently moved house. And our new house has, due to its «faded but charming» exterior, been dubbed Villa Villekulla.  Once again, thank you, Mrs. Longstocking!

Oh and people, please stop visiting my blog.  I’m already feeling the pressure of trying to provide someone with so much pleasure should I ever reach a rounded number of visitors…

Visit instead Mrs. Longstocking, whose craftiness far exceeds my own, and she somehow manages multiple children, crafting (beautiful stuff you can buy.. you can’t all win you know!) and quality blogging in an admirable manner.

Good thing I have a hidden counter ;o)

And, lastly.  Is GM cheating on me?  Is there something I don’t know?  Where will this crazy winning streak end..?

*I am attending a Viva dinner on Friday, delivering a speech and therefore cannot be naked, had to try on 7 dresses in 10 min and make a decision as this is the alotted mum-clothes-shopping time afforded by our daughter.  Anyone who has tried doing this with breast feeding boobs will know how tricky that was