To save or not to save

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OK, we’re still paying for her shopping, but she’s working

on that one…

I spent this morning at home with Bolle, who is suffering from a horrid cold which has deprived us both of sleep several nights running. 

Bolle’s dad has quite correctly pointed out that his year of sleeping next to her to make up for the first year where I slept next to her with my tit out pretty much every single night, is now all but over.  So it’s sort of my turn and I can’t get away from it.

But to the point.  Earlier on today I had a conversation with a colleague which was meant to be work related, but due to total sleep deprivation related frontal lobe failure on my behalf, doing anything useful at work was out of the question.

Instead, we discussed economy and children.

He has chosen to send his kids to a private school, a good one, and therefore cannot afford to own a house, nor to buy a new car (he is working his arse off to amend this situation, but it won’t happen overnight).

He also says that his needs are few, and that he wants to spend all his money on his children.  If they want to travel somewhere, he wants to sponsor them.  If they want to attend an expensive university, he’ll be right there to back them financially.

Now, perhaps I’m just a teeny bit bitter, because I had to pay my own way through university by having three jobs every holiday, my parents giving me very little apart from a few quid in times of crisis.

But I do think that my ownership of my own education is precious to me in a way it wouldn’t be if it my parents had paid for it.

I’m not saying I’m cutting off Bolle the day she leaves the house to make something of herself (which I sincerely hope she will wish to at some point in the future), I’m just saying that I think there is value in achieving something off your own back in early adulthood:  Living off spaghetti next door to a weird bloke whom slowly turns psychotic and smears the shared bathroom in feces (true story) is character building.  «Watching rocaches climb the wall, if you called your dad he could stop it all» is sort of not the same thing, is it?

And I want to buy 2k designer dresses every once in a while without thinking I’m eating out of her college funds.

Am I being selfish?