Hopp til innholdet

Review :: Matmagasinet

Not huge on glamour, but you could probably pretty much
pee with one hand on the baby if you really had to. 
Always handy.

I’ve been out on my first sans-baby lunch since birth!  It was great.

Particularly great since two out of the four mums who were supposed to be there with their respective babies didn’t make it.

I felt pretty superior just by managing to be there at all to meet the last mum whose kids are so old she’s forgotten all about burp cloths and nappies.

Matmagasinet does pretty nice food, although it took them 45 minutes today to cook me a spaghetti dish it would have taken me about 12 min to whip up in my own kitchen (that’s including opening the tin of artichoke hearts). 

In addition, said food was served to me by a pink-lipsticked woman who pretty much snarled at me when I dared ask where my food was after about 43 of the above mentioned 45 minutes had lapsed with no sight of any pasta.

In the mirror:  the gift I received
from GM for producing child no. 2
(comfy trainers -vs. the Ole Lyngaard necklace
I received for child no. 1. 
Granted, the birth was like six
times longer so maybe it’s
just right that way)

Even though Boy wasn’t there, I peaked in their changing room / toilet (they only have one room for everyone) and it actually was not too bad. 

They have the obligatory IKEA Sniglar changing table with suspiciously coloured changing mat, because that was all their budget would cover after having blown most of it on a Vipp bin for the nappies.  Which was a stupid mistake…

We have a Vipp bin at home for nappies, and it’s so air tight it stinks even with just breastfeeding poo nappies in it, and I have to prop it open with a plastic cup to avoid death by gas whenever I try to bin something.

The bin in Matmagasinet didn’t smell, but that’s probably because they empty it at least once per day.  Which is of course a good thing.

At least you won’t run out of paper.

VERDICT Fair enough.  Function over form. 

Changing facilities: The Sniglar table, as we all know, did very well in a test of changing tables in the past.

Breast feeding facilities: None, but the benches in the actual restaurant are pretty comfy.

Parent peeing facilities:  The usual disabled toilet share. 

Best feature: A wad of toilet rolls underneath the changing table -handy in case of poo-splosions.  And the designer bin, not to forget.  They also do drawing equipment for slightly older kids, which is a nice touch.

A rare touch in a Norwegian restaurant.  Ample compensation
for having to park your stroller outside
as the restaurant is not very spacious.

Worst feature: A bit grotty-looking.  The restaurant goes for the industrial look, which does just not make for very aestetichally pleasing toilets.

Would I use again?  Yes.

Boy says: «Why does my milk taste of artichokes this afternoon?!»