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Top 13 ways in which being a gaming addict prepares you well for parenthood

Ash and Pikachu

Already addicted to gaming and worrying about how this will combine with parenting? Fear not.  It’s the same thing really.

Dedicated to my long-suffering co-addict and husband in crime, the top 13 ways in which parenting is just like gaming.

You know that every creature has special abilities,
and you’ll never beat the game if you don’t figure out 
how to best exploit these…
  1. You already do something which is *very* bad for your relationship unless you’re in it together.
  2. You’re already used to staying up all night fighting howling monsters and then feeling completely broken when you have to go to work the next day.
  3. You are used to grinding pointless daily quests which you have to repeat over. And over. And over.
  4. If something goes wrong, you just go back to the last save and try again.  And again. And again.
  5. You know that each time you think you’ve mastered a new level, «your princess is in another castle» and you’ll have to regroup and move on.
  6. You’re used to having to re-gear all. the. time. due to constant expansions to the game.
  7. You know that bag space and the contents thereof will determine how well you’ll fare on any excursion.
  8. You fully expect that as soon as you’ve fought off one wave of hostile invaders, another one comes along.
  9. You know that when someone reaches a new level, they require you to make an achievement sound.  And that higher level achievements require better material rewards to keep everyone happy.
  10. You are used to getting covered in slime / mud / various bodily fluids in order to get stuff done.
  11. You might as well do Elimination Communication, because you know that as soon as you catch one, you’ll want to «catch them all»*.
  12. You’re used to trying to collaborate with people who completely lack social skills and appear to have no concern for anyone but themselves.
  13. You know not to add more than 4 other people to your party, as it would mean converting to a raid group / getting a bigger car.  Thereby keeping the world population in check.
*Thanks to you know who you are in the EC group for this 🙂